Welcome to a popular science lecture with Niclas Roxhed, Associate Professor in Biomedical Microsystems at KTH!
Miniature electromechanical systems can act on the same length scale as many biological systems. This unique feature can be utilized for targeted drug delivery, acquiring biological samples, or performing advanced sensing functions.

Niclas Roxhed is associate professor and a team leader of biomedical microsystems at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden and an affiliated researcher with the Langer lab, Koch Institute of Integrative Cancer Research, MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, USA. He is acting director for MedTechLabs, a joint KTH/Karolinska Institutet/Region Stockholm interdisciplinary center for translational medical technology. He is a member of the international steering committee of the IEEE MicroElectroMechanical Systems conference, the International Microneedle conference and was the general co-chair of IEEE MEMS 2021. He is initiator and co-founder of the blood microsampling company Capitainer. His main research fields are sensors for medical diagnostics, MEMS-based drug delivery and medical-aid microsystems. Dr. Roxhed has authored more than 100 scientific papers and is an inventor of over 30 patents.