Daily guided tours during opening hours

A warm welcome to our daily guided tours which are included in the admission and are 30 minutes long. They give an introduction to the Nobel Prize Museum and to our exhibitions. There are 30 available slots for every tour, sign up in our entrance in time before.

English tour: 11:15, 13:15, 15:15
Swedish tour: 14:15
Friday evening English tour: 19:15

Private guided tours for groups during opening hours

In addition to the daily tours Nobel Prize Museum offers private tours for individuals, companies and all kinds of groups. Please contact us on the e-mailadress below for more information. Suggestions for specific focus on the tour are welcome. These private tours are available for groups:

Nobel Prizes that changed the world

The Nobel Prize was founded by Alfred Nobel. According to his will, it should be awarded to those who have contributed to “the greatest benefit to humankind”. In this guided tour you’ll get to know more about Nobel Prizes that has changed the world and the people behind them. Is there anything that unites them? You’ll also get to see original artefacts from Alfred Nobel and know more about how new Nobel Prize laureates are chosen.

Fungi – In Art and Science (30 September 2023 – 7 January 2024)

In this guided tour we will show our exhibition which explores the world of mushrooms through artworks, design objects, fashion, and current scientific research. 

The last decades, scientific discoveries have shown how the underground fine mesh (mycelium) network of fungi, unites eco systems and shapes our world. However, the world of fungi is still full of mysteries, waiting to be solved.  

How can fungi grow hundreds of meters below in the bedrock, and what does this tell us about the origin of life? Could we build houses and make clothes made of fungi? How can fungi challenge our view of where an individual or a species, starts and ends? And could psychedelic mushrooms cure depression?  

Welcome to explore the world of fungi!

Booking information private guided tours for groups

Tour time: 60 minutes

Number of people: up to 25 persons

Price during opening hours weekdays: 1900 SEK (+ reduced admission of 110 SEK per adult)

Price during opening hours weekends: 2500 SEK (+ reduced admission of 110 SEK per adult)

Price for student/senior groups during opening hours weekdays: 1200 SEK (+ reduced admission of 90 SEK per person).

Price for student/senior groups during opening hours weekends: 1500 SEK (+ reduced admission of 90 SEK per person).

Possible addition: 1 glass of cava and snacks in Bistro Nobel + Nobel Chocolate Medal: 140 SEK per person

Tour language: Swedish, English

Booking and requests private guided tours for groups: bokning.nobelprizemuseum@nobelprize.org

If you have any questions: +46 8 534 818 18

For guided tours outside our opening hours: please contact our event department



  • © Nobel Prize Outreach. Photo: Nanaka Adachi

  • © Nobel Prize Outreach. Photo: Nanaka Adachi