Group Visits

Groups are warmly welcome together with their guides. 

We have not put a limit to the size of a group coming with its own guide but the group can not be larger than what is safe for the rest of the visitors in the museum. A distance of 2 m has to be withheld in the museum. Our entrance staff will assess if the group’s size works considering the number of visitors already in the museum.

Please contact our booking if you have further questions on how to visit us with a group.

Guided Tours

At the moment we do not offer any guided tours. Below you can read about the tours we usually offer at the museum.

In addition to the daily tours, which introduce the museum over ca 35 minutes, Nobel Prize Museum offers special tours and events for individuals, companies and of course all kinds of groups.

Tours are available in the following langauges: Swedish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Hungarian. These tours can be combined with food and refreshments in the museum’s Bistro Nobel.

Book a 60 minute guided tour at the museum, maximum 25 persons per group. If you would like a longer tour, please contact our booking office for price indication.

  • The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World
  • Nobel Laureates and Creativity
  • Alfred Nobel – Innovator, Entrepreneur and World Citizen

Price List

Guided tour during regular opening hours: 1700 SEK

Entrance fee will be added for each person in the group: 100 SEK
Entrance fee will be added for each person in the group, senior citizens (+65 years): 80 SEK

Guided tour for school groups (persons under 18 years old) 600 SEK

All prices incl. VAT.

For guided tours after regular opening hours, please contact our event department on, or on +46 8 534 818 39