Opening hours

Bistro Nobel is open when the museum is open: Tuesday-Sunday 11:00-17:00, Friday 11:00-21:00


Tuesday-Friday 11:00-14:00. Table reservation is not required.

Lunch menu 22-25 November

  • Tortiglioni Alfredo with tomato capers and artichoke (145 SEK)
  • Venison loaf with brussels sprouts, fried onions and mushrooms (145 SEK)
  • Massamnan curry with basmati rice (vegan) (145 SEK)
  • Soup of the week (110 SEK)

Small soup of the week, bread, mineral water and coffee or tea are always included.

Friday nights

On Fridays, the museum is open in the evening until 21:00! The bar in Bistro Nobel has full rights to serve alcohol. Almost every Friday night we also have an event. Read more about what happens upcoming Friday nights here.

Evening menu small dishes and drinks

See our evening menu here.


The bistro is open from 11:00 everyday the museum is open. We serve coffee and tea, Swedish fika, sandwiches and Nobel ice cream.

Nobel ice cream

We serve the classic Nobel banquet dessert: ice cream! The ice cream is served with a chocolate medal for 110 SEK.

Guest book

Bistro Nobel is modeled on Café Museum in Vienna – one of the many cafés that were informal meeting places of intellectuals at the turn of the century. Turn your café chair upside down while you are here and you will find signatures of all the Nobel Laureates that have visited the museum.


Bistro Nobel can be reserved for everything from a breakfast meeting to a cocktail- or dinner event. Please visit our event page to find out more.


Telephone: +46 8 534 818 12