What is Help a Scientist?

In Help a Scientist, school pupils are given the opportunity to try out real research.

Students gain a deeper understanding of what a research project can mean, and at the same time, the researchers receive help with their research. The hope is to contribute together with a small, but significant, piece of the puzzle in larger research projects.

The research assistance is funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.


Why Help a scientist?

Much of the activity that is taking place today in the interest of school students for science and research is that teachers or researchers tell how research is done. Students can then attempt a pre-prepared experiment. In Help a scientist, we want to reverse this approach.

Through Help a scientist, we want to give the students an opportunity to research for themselves, in a real research project. The students contribute with observations and collection of materials and data to an established research team working on a specific research project. Through active participation, students gain a deeper understanding of what a research project can actually mean.

To be able to do a project that the students understand and can participate in, as a researcher, you have to streamline, simplify and become very good at explaining what it is that needs to be done. It is very useful, and this practice-based combination of research and pedagogy, we believe, gives students a strong experience and increased understanding of what research can be.

Palle Dahlstedt, Associate Professor at the University of Gothenburg, was a researcher in Music Hunt.


We are in the midst of a time of change. In many cases, the changes bring improvements, but it also means that we face a number of challenges.

What is needed for us all to live in a good way in our world? Research is a tool. For us to be able to find new solutions we need people who are creative, enduring and who love to solve problems! We need those who dare to think thoughts no one previously thought, go where no one has gone before, insistently look for where others have given up, and stick to their conviction with firm determination.