School tour

45 minutes
600 SEK
Please send a booking request to the e-mail address above.

If you have a limited amount of time we offer a short tour for pupils at all ages. We present Alfred Nobel and the history of the Nobel Prize and the latest laureates.

Digital School tour

30 minutes
600 SEK
Please send a booking request to the e-mail address above.

For school classes not able to make it to the museum, we also offer a digital guided tour of the museum in English.

On December 10, 1896, an urgent telegram reaches Stockholm from San Remo, Italy. Alfred Nobel, the Swedish chemist, engineer, and entrepreneur, is dead. Many people tensely await the publication of the contents of the will, since it is widely known that Nobel has left one of the world’s largest private fortunes.

To widespread astonishment, Nobel’s last will specifies that his fortune be used to create a series of prizes for those who have conferred the “greatest benefit on humankind”. Five years later, the first Nobel Prizes are awarded in 1901.

Let your class learn more about the fascinating history and background of Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prizes in this digital guided tour in English.

Visit the museum on your own

In order for you to have a good experience, we want you to pre-register your visit by sending an email to the e-mail adress above. Announce which day and time you want to visit us, which school you come from, age of the students and how many of you are. Also write your name and telephone number so that we can get hold of the responsible teacher if something happens. When you come here, there is free admission for all classes from primary school, high school, Komvux and SFI. Accompanying teachers also enter for free.

Feel free to print material to work with on your own and bring to the museum. See material below.