• Visiting Address
  • Stortorget 2, Old Town
  • Postal Address (letters)
  • Nobel Prize Museum
  • P.O. Box 2245
  • SE-103 16 Stockholm

  • Postal Adress (small packages)
  • Nobel Prize Museum
  • Trångsund 5
  • SE-111 29 Stockholm
  • Postal Adress (large deliveries)
  • Nobel Prize Museum
  • Källargränd 2–4
  • SE-111 29 Stockholm
  • Large deliveries should be taken through the gate left of Storkyrkan, corner Slottsbacken/Källargränd.

Invoice address

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All staff at the Nobel Prize Museum can be reached at

Erika Lanner, CEO and Museum Director

Annika Pontikis, Director of Communications

Clara Åhlvik, Director of Exhibitions

Helena Wallemo, Program Director

Pontus Thunblad, Education Director

Martha Bojassen, Museum Shop Manager

Karl-Johan Hegborn, Bistro Manager

Our integrity policy can be found at