Are you looking for a venue with that extra something for your meeting, event, or company?

Then Nobel Prize Museum is the place for you. We can handle everything from smaller team meetings for 25 people to 300 guest receptions. Nobel Prize Museum is located in the center of Stockholm’s Old Town in the old Stock Exchange Building – a meeting point where old meets new.

Food and beverage is ordered by Bistro Nobel, our own restaurant. Menu suggestions are listed further down below. Enhance the experience of being at Nobel Prize Museum with a tour, a workshop or a lecture connected to the Nobel Prizes and Nobel Laureates.

Furthest down below on the page there is a detailed booking information. It answers most of the questions our clients have.


We offer a total price for events where it is included: venue, hosts, guided tours, serving staff and administration. (Price for sound equipment and sound technicians will be added if needed).

Price list for corporate events outside the museum’s opening hours

25-50 people: SEK 15,000 + VAT
50-75 people: SEK 18,000 + VAT
75-100 people: SEK 22,000 + VAT
100-150 people: SEK 27,000 + VAT
150-200 people: SEK 32,000 + VAT
200-300 people: SEK 36,000 + VAT

The small technology package – SEK 6000 plus VAT

Soundsystem, speakers and mixer
2 wireless microphones (headmic or handheld)
Small round stage ca 1m ∅ (1-2 people)
Technician up to 4h

The large technology package – SEK 10.000 plus VAT

Soundsystem, speakers and mixer
4 wireless microphones (mix how you like 4 headmics and up to 2 handheld)
Projector (bistro or entrance)
Computer including presentation remote
Medium stage 240x180x40 cm (or) Grand stage 80x120x40cm (up to 11 modules)
2 studio/stage lamps
Technician up to 4h

Booking Information