The nose contains around 10 000 odour receptors that help us perceive the world. Scents have the power to trigger memories and transport us through time and space. Why does this sense affect us so strongly? One reason could be that the olfactory nerve connects directly to both the brain’s emotional center, the amygdala, and the hippocampus where new memories are stored.

How do you actually describe a scent? This evening, we will learn more about the sense of smell and dive into scents, properties and associations. The evening’s workshop will be led by Sandra Kinnmark and Amelie Saltin Thor from NOS Olfactive Studio who scent emotions using their method, emotiontech™️. They will take us on an escapade of scents that move us to new places and explore scents that trigger the imagination.

All workshop participants will receive a sample (10 ml) of a unique scent to take home as part of the experience.

During the evening, Bistro Nobel serves small dishes from our Friday menu as well as cocktails, wine, beer and non-alcoholic options. The bistro is open until 21:00. The ticket price also includes entrance to the museum’s exhibitions, which are also open until 21:00.


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