Crayfish salad on toasted bread with lemon  135 SEK

Crispy chicken thigh with warm tomatoes and cheese-filled croquettes  135 SEK

Boquerones with lemon, olive oil and grilled bread  125 SEK

Banderillas, pickles on skewers  65 SEK**

Sourdough bread with whipped butter  45 SEK*

The evening’s main course special (ask our staff) 145-195  SEK

A piece of cheese with gooseberry jam  80 SEK*

Chips  45 SEK**

Olives  70 SEK**

Marcona almonds  70 SEK**

Nobel ice cream with a chocolate medal and cotton candy  125 SEK*

* Veg ** Vegan



Melleruds  70 SEK

Pale Ale Gotlandsbryggeri  75 SEK

IPA Gotlandsbryggeri  75 SEK

Wisby Pils Gotlandsbryggeri  75 SEK

Per glass

Cava, Celebrandum. Catalonia, Spain 95 SEK

André Clouet, Champagne, France 150 SEK

Eins Zwei Dry Rosé, weingut Leitz, Rheingau, Germany 145 SEK

Talmonti Trebbiano, Abruzzo, Italy 120 SEK

Leitz Magic Mountain Riesling, Rheingau, Germany 160 SEK

Jean-Marc Brocard Saint Claire, Chablis, France 160 SEK

Talmonti Montepulciano, Abruzzo, Italy 120 SEK

Carlin de Paolo Barbera dÁsti, Piemonte, Italy 145 SEK

Umathum, Austria 160 SEK

Tonight’s Cocktails

Marie Curie Spritz 130 SEK
Campari, vermouth, cava

GT 150 SEK
Gin, tonic

Ask for your favorite!

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