The novel Never Let Me Go by Nobel Prize laureate Kazuo Ishiguro takes place in a future where humans achieve eternal life through human clones used as organ stores. The novel takes place in a boarding school for cloned children and follows them during their upbringing, adolescence when they realize their fate, and in adulthood where they get their organs harvested.

In collaboration between the Young Academy of Sweden, the Medicine Programme at Uppsala University and the Center for Medical Humanities, Ishiguro’s work will be the starting point for a happening and discussion about the possibilities and limits of medicine.

Ylva Söderfeldt is a researcher in the history of ideas and learning and Luis de Miranda is a philosopher and researcher in the history of ideas and learning at Uppsala University.

Take the chance to meet some of Sweden’s most promising young researchers. In collaboration with Young Academy of Sweden, quizzes, conversations and mini lectures with interactive elements are organized during the autumn in connection with the Nobel Prize Museum’s exhibition Life Eternal at Liljevalchs. The events take place on Saturday afternoons and are included in the regular admission ticket.