Imagine you or someone in your family becoming seriously ill, and there being no treatment for the illness. Or that the medicine you need costs your entire monthly or yearly salary. This is the reality for many people worldwide. Millions of individuals die each year from diseases that could have been prevented or treated. 

Scientific discoveries have led to the existence of medications for more diseases than ever before – but they are only beneficial to humanity if they also reach those who need them. When Doctors Without Borders was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999, they used the prize money to launch a campaign for everyone’s right to life-saving medications. 

Listen to Mia Hejdenberg, from Doctors Without Borders, in a conversation with Gustav Källstrand from the Nobel Prize Museum about ensuring that medicine is not a luxury but accessible to all. The conversation will be recorded for our podcast Idéer som förändrar världen (Ideas changing the world). The conversation will be held in Swedish.

The ticket price also includes admission to the museum’s exhibitions, which are open until 21:00. Before and after the conversation, Bistro Nobel will offer its Friday menu − including carefully selected small dishes, suitable wines, beer, cocktails or non-alcoholic alternatives. The Bistro will also be open until 21:00.  


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