During the one-hour tour, our staff will explain everything from technical equipment and breeding practices to our research. What does it take to raise more than 20,000 zebrafish? What does a zebrafish facility look like? What technology is used to prepare and hold all the water?

See how a zebrafish farm is run, from mating and fertilisation to adulthood. Learn how we can tell the difference between the sexes and how we keep count of all these fish. Take a moment to peer through some of our many microscopes to observe embryos and hatchlings at different stages of life. We will also give you an opportunity to see bright fluorescent light illuminate the insides of living hatchlings. If you’ve never seen a green heart pumping blood, or red blood cells flying around in the circulatory system, this is your chance!

During the tour, we will show videos in which our scientists explain their work and how zebrafish are used in different fields of research, such as in the development of cancer drugs. Of course there will be time during and after the tour for your questions.

Lars Bräutigam - head of the Zebrafish Core Facility