The way we address climate change in education will have a huge impact on the life of future generations. But how do we fulfil our duty to educate without creating anxiety and fear? How do we support our students to transform their urge to make a difference into constructive action?


Scientists have been clear for a long time that the planet needs immediate action. With the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals, the world has a roadmap that links tackling climate change to improving education, ending poverty, reducing inequality and shifting towards affordable and sustainable energy. Many Nobel Prizes are awarded for inventions and achievements that made important steps in that direction, for example the blue LED or how freons impact the ozone layer. But how do we empower the young generation with knowledge and skills they need? What’s the best thing a teacher can do?


Be the teacher our future needs. Join Nobel Laureates, top scientists, peace activists and teacher colleagues from more than 30 countries and attend this unique, yearly event. Groundbreaking ideas, inspiring insights, unforgettable meetings and non-googleable stories are all included. We look forward to seeing you there.