Before the year’s Nobel Prize laureates receive their phone call, the prize awarding institutions have done a thorough and extensive job. Join one of our special guided tours and find out everything about how they do this, and perhaps something about how such a phone call may sound when a sleepy scientist or writer learns that the announcement will soon be made that he or she is among this year’s laureates. 

The special guided tours will take place in Swedish and English every day at the Nobel Prize Museum. Exact times will be announced later.

The tours will be free of charge, once you have bought a ticket to the museum. They do not have to be reserved in advance – you are welcome to sign up at our entrance desk! Your ticket to the museum also admits to our Life Eternal exhibition at Liljevalchs art gallery in Stockholm within one month.


11:15 (in English)

13:15 (in English)

14:15 (in Swedish))

15:15 (in English)