This year’s programme for the light festival, features seventeen light installations inspired by Nobel Prize laureates and their achievements. Two of the works are inspired by this year’s Nobel Prize laureates, who will be honoured during the Nobel Week in Stockholm. At Strömparterren, a small waterside park below the Swedish Parliament, you will find three large light globes created by Canadian artists Lucion Média. Inside these colourful orbs, a dancing shadow play will be visible, the story it tells is inspired by the dramas and prose works of this year’s literature laureate Jon Fosse. The three 2023 physics laureates − Pierre Agostini, Ferenc Krausz and Anne L’Huillier − have sparked the imagination of students at Beckmans College of Design, who are creating an installation with attoseconds in mind.

This year the light festival has attracted one of the world’s most prominent light artists. Miguel Chevalier is one of the pioneers of virtual and digital art and his works have been shown all over the world in places such as New York, Singapore, Morocco and Brazil. His work at the Stockholm City Museum, ‘Magic Carpets’ consists of interactive projections that transform as the visitor walks through them. The imagery of these projections is inspired by images and symbols found in science.

The light festival is presented by the Nobel Prize Museum and invites both international and local artists, designers, and students to create public light artworks inspired by the Nobel Prize. The light installations illuminate the Nobel Prize laureates’ scientific discoveries, literature, and peace work, while at the same time giving us the opportunity to see the city and the urban environment with new eyes together with loved ones.

Since the first light festival in 2020 more and more Stockholmers have gone out for winter walks during the Nobel Week in December to experience artworks illuminating the work of the Nobel Prize laureates in new and unexpected ways, while at the same time having the opportunity to see the city of Stockholm with new eyes together with loved ones. During the festival around sixty guided tours are offered in six different languages.

Read more about the festival here.

Nobel Week Lights is initiated and produced by Annika Levin, Alexandra Manson and Lara Szabo Greisman from Troika AB. The festival is presented by the Nobel Prize Museum with support from the City of Stockholm, Stockholm’s Chamber of Commerce, Fagerhult, FAM, Grand Hôtel Stockholm and Einar Mattsson AB as well as numerous other partners.