As early as last spring, work began on developing the performance, which is entitled “Being Human”. The script will be a work in progress all the way to the premiere, with the aid of structured improvisation during rehearsals. This working method is called “devising” ─ a form of theatre lab that results in a performance in which reality and seriousness co-exist with playfulness. This experimental way of creating theatre has been deliberately chosen in line with the Nobel Prize Museum’s ambition to test new formats for a future Nobel Center in Stockholm.

There will be scenes featuring music, song and movement ─ the action will shift between theatre, dance and performance art.

“Both theatre and the Nobel Prize can sometimes be perceived as a little pretentious, and I don’t want to fall into that trap,” says director Johan Bark. “The performance should feel a bit dirty and bold. Our ambition is that it should also be fun. I want the audience to laugh.”

The theatre performance will feature texts by literature laureates such as Svetlana Alexievich, Annie Ernaux, Louise Glück and Wisława Szymborska. The audience will also meet the main character in laureate Pär Lagerkvist’s famous novel “The Dwarf”. But it will be a new interpretation of him, where he is placed in a more contemporary context ─ an example of how existing texts can gain a new life on the theatre stage.

“All the words spoken on stage will be written by literature laureates,” says Johan Bark. “That’s our framework. But it will not be a traditional reading. Nor will anyone dress up as Alfred Nobel or Selma Lagerlöf.” 

  • Katarina Krogh and Fabian Hedlund. Photo: Clément Morin

  • Katarina Krogh and Fabian Hedlund. Photo: Clément Morin

“Being Human ─ a theatre performance” will premiere on 30 September at the Nobel Prize Museum. Additional performances are planned during the autumn.


For press tickets, please contact:

+46 8 122 084 45

Being Human ─  a theatre performance

Dates: 30 September, 29 October, 19 November (more performances may be added)

Actors: Katarina Krogh and Fabian Hedlund

Director and Lighting Design: Johan Bark

Costume Design: Elsa-Mareanne Wrethagen

Assistant Director: Dina Lagerman

Dramaturge: Carin Klaesson



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