Since 1901, groundbreaking discoveries, brilliant ideas, moving stories, and crucial peace efforts have been rewarded with the Nobel Prize. How do the Nobel Prize committees know what to choose among all the ongoing research and peace work, and all the literature being written? They base their selection on what Alfred Nobel wrote in his will – that the prize should be awarded to those who have worked for the greatest benefit to humankind. So, what are this year’s prizes about? 

Join us for a Friday evening as we delve deeper into this year’s Nobel Prizes, exploring their potential to transform and improve our world and be beneficial to us all! 

For this evening, we have a special offer. The ticket (200 SEK) includes admission, a guided tour, a glass of sparkling wine, and snacks (non-alcoholic alternative available). The museum’s exhibitions, Bistro Nobel and our shop are open all evening. See our Friday menu here. 

17:15 Guided tour in English 

18:15 Guided tour in Swedish 

19:15 Guided tour in English 

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