Join us in the Bistro at the Nobel Prize Museum as the 2022 Nobel Prize laureates are announced in real time! We will live-stream the announcement from each Nobel Prize committee and follow it up by holding a conversation with experts, who will help us to understand what achievement is being rewarded and what it may mean for the future. We often have a member of the day’s prize awarding institution with us in person.

The programme will run for about one hour and take place at Bistro Nobel, where you can also take the opportunity to enjoy a tasty lunch.

Announcement times

Physiology or Medicine – Monday, 3 October, 11.30 at the earliest
Physics – Tuesday, 4 October, 11.45 at the earliest
Chemistry – Wednesday, 5 October, 11.45 at the earliest
Literature – Thursday, 6 October, 13.00 at the earliest
Peace – Friday, 7 October, 11.00
Economic Sciences – Monday, 10 October, 11.45 at the earliest