Online Seminar for Teachers on 18 March:
From Dystopia to Utopia: Coronavirus, Climate and the Future

Please join us for a free digital teacher’s night where you’ll meet climate scientists, literary critics and inspiring fellow educators. You’ll gain new knowledge and inspiration for your own teaching, and your students will be invited to be co-researchers and futurists in a project that links together the coronavirus pandemic with the climate transition.

– When? Thursday, 18 March 2021, 3:00 PM Local Time
– Where? Online and free
– Target group? Teachers of all subjects and classes
– Sign-up: Enter your info here to get a direct link to the programme!


From the programme

Utopian Stories: Research with Your Students
Introduction to a completely new scientific project in which students and teachers can be co-researchers in a study of the changes we humans are preparing to make for a sustainable future. You’ll learn more about the project and be invited to participate in whichever parts you choose with your classes.

Climate Change: A Crash Course
Alasdair Skelton, a professor of geology and head of the Bolin Centre for Climate Research at Stockholm University, gives us an educational overview of the latest in climate research – a brief lecture that you’ll be able to make use of in your teaching.

Utopias and Dystopias in Nobel Prize-Awarded Literature
Kjell Espmark, member of the Swedish Academy, author and professor emeritus in literary criticism, shares a few of the highlights of Nobel Prize-awarded literature. There are both apocalyptic tales of ruin and gleaming visions of the future.

Future Stories: Read and Write About Utopia
Camilla Brudin Borg, literary critic at the University of Gothenburg
In order to make good choices, for ourselves and for the planet, we need stories and ideas about the kind of future we want. But dystopian stories of the future are common in literature as well as film, games, magazines and television. How can utopian stories be used as leverage for achieving a brighter future?

Curriculum: The Coronavirus Pandemic, Climate Change and Optimism for the Future
Inspiring teachers John Bang and Philippe Longchamps share some ideas and jumping off points for teaching that focuses on climate and the future.

The Nobel Prize: Ideas that Change the World
Laura Aronovici offers a taste of the Nobel Prize Museum’s collection in which groundbreaking discoveries and creative innovation have paved the way.

You’ll get a chance to submit questions to the speakers. Take home valuable materials you can use in your teaching, such as slide shows, student assignments, short videos about researchers and concrete projects in which your students can participate as co-researchers. But you can also just come to listen and recharge your knowledge, inspiration and energy.

You’ll get a direct link by email the day before the event, and you can even watch the whole thing afterwards with the same link.

Please join us!