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Poetic defiance and obvious doubt

You are warmly welcome to a full evening programme at the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm on Friday, 19 November. Author Agneta Pleijel and cultural writer Stefan Ingvarsson will converse with Carin Klaesson of the Nobel Prize Museum about Wisława Szymborska, the Polish poet and Nobel Prize laureate (Literature, 1996). It will be an evening about poetic defiance, obvious doubt and breath-taking amazement.

“The Tower of Babel” by Polish director Maria Wróż-Prusiewicz, who interprets Szymborska’s poem “In the Tower of Babel”, can be seen in the museum’s cinema hall on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The film is shown in collaboration with Fundacja Ars Integra.

Their conversation will be followed by a concert featuring award-winning Polish pianist and composer Hania Rani, whose debut album “Esja” has attracted worldwide acclaim.
Hania Rani finds her inspiration in everything from visual art, design and architecture to such places as Gdansk, Warsaw, Berlin and the Bieszczady mountains of south-eastern Poland. With her music, she wishes to express that “one can travel the whole world but not see anything. It is not where we are going but how much we are able to see and hear things happening around us.”

The programme is a collaboration between the Nobel Prize Museum and the Polish Institute. You are invited to stay until late evening at the museum, where Bistro Nobel will serve suitable food and beverages and our exhibitions will be accessible until closing.

The evening programme:
18:00 – 18:30 Conversation (in Swedish) between Agneta Pleijel, Stefan Ingvarsson och Carin Klaesson
18:30 – 19:00 Break
19:00 – 20:00 Concert – Hania Rani
20:00 – 21:00 After-party and time to mingle at Bistro Nobel.

Listen to Hania Rani and her album “Esja” here.

“The joy of writing.
The power of preserving.
Revenge of a mortal hand.”
(From the poem “The Joy of Writing”) – Wisława Szymborska

Welcome to the programme

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