Is it possible to see sound? How do scientists solve a problem? And how does a magnet actually work? Welcome to the science workshop to discover this, and much more! 

Exciting things happen in the museum’s workshop, every weekend during spring and autumn semesters. Welcome to test, investigate and experiment to learn as much as possible about science, together with our educators. 

The entry to the science workshop is inside the museum. The entrance ticket to the museum and the workshop is free for children. Adults only pay the regular entrance ticket (140 SEK) to the museum.  

In the museum, all children are welcome to explore the Bubble Chamber – a room with games, books and possibilities to play and explore. The museum bistro serves pancakes and fika during weekends. 

Plan for the autumn holidays and weekends

Weeks 35-39, you can work as a researcher, do experiments and practice how to find answers to your questions.

Week 40 we have a writing workshop and practice writing exciting stories.

Weeks 41-43 we build a roller coaster for a small stone ball and learn more about gravity.

Week 44 is the autumn holidays, and then we learn more about mushrooms. Take a guided tour in our fine exhibition Fungi – mushrooms in art and science and make autumn crafts in our workshop.

The autumn holiday ends on 4-5 November with a chess weekend.

Weeks 45-48 we learn about light, mirrors and optics.

Week 49 we celebrate Nobel Day!

Week 50, it’s time to create Christmas crafts. Welcome to make your own decorations for the Christmas table and the Christmas tree. Welcome to drop in between 11:00 and 16:00.