The day will be a mix between short lectures, interviews, panel discussions and breakout sessions. We will sit at round tables with teacher colleagues from all parts of the world to exchange experiences and thoughts.

Do you have questions to our speakers on stage? You are welcome to ask them here.


8:30-9:00 Registration, coffee and a small sandwich

Introduction 9:00-9:15
Introduction by the Nobel Prize Museum team and friends


Scientific Thinking During an Infodemic

Lecture by Emma Frans, researcher and science writer, emphasises the significance of applying scientific thinking amidst an infodemic.

The Face of Science

Interview with Anders Tegnell,  Sweden’s State Epidemiologist during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Trust in Experts

Discussion between Emma Frans and Anders Tegnell, lead by Gustav Källstrand.

Emotion-Based Learning for Enhanced Engagement

Lecture by Iann Lundegård, senior lecturer and associate professor at Stockholm University.


Swedish Fika


Right to Shine

Lecture by Pär Johansson, Executive Manager of the Glada Hudik Theatre

The Engaged Brain

Interview between neuroscientist Sara Bengtsson and Gustav Källstrand

The power of Inclusive Education and Empowering Teachers

Lecture by Ahmed Abdirahman, Founder and CEO of Järvaveckan

The Search for Truth

Interview between the journalist Martin Schibbye and Carin Klaesson.




Reclaiming the Power of Narrative Agency

Reading and lecture by Ahmed Badr, poet and social entrepreneur

Two questions to the Minister for Education

Sweden’s Minister for Education, Mats Persson and Pontus Thunblad

Freedom of Expression and Lasting Peace

Interview between Dmitry Muratov and Carin Klaesson

Introduction to breakout sessions


Breakout session 1– Choose one!

Trust in the State and Authorities During a Crisis

Anders Tegnell

From Storytelling to Action: The Power of a Compelling Narrative


A Hard Pill to Swallow

Iann Lundegård

Strengthening Democracies Through Inclusive Dialogues

Ahmed Abdirahman


Breakout session 2 – Choose one!

How Do We Create a More Open and Inclusive Society? 

Glada Hudik Theatre

Teach Your Students Not to Fool Themselves

Nobel Outreach

Biodiversity in School Grounds for Teaching and Wellbeing

Natural Nations

Equality, Community, and a Winning Culture

FC Rosengård


Welcome back

The Fight for Democracy

Interview between Tawakkol Karman and Carin Klaesson

Your voice


Bubbles & Jazz