Nobel Creations is about the 2014 Nobel Prizes with both descriptive and interpretive elements. In the exhibition, artefacts donated by this year’s Nobel Laureates are shown, and you can take part of the history behind the objects and learn about the laureates and their achievements.

The visitor meets the creative abilities of young students. With the help of fashion, music, design and illustrations, students from Beckmans College of Design and the Royal College of Music have created free interpretations of this year’s Nobel Prizes. The pieces are creations inspired by the discoveries and achievments made by the Nobel Laureates in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Peace and Economic sciences.

The project explores what unites Nobel Laureates, fashion designers and composers – namely creativity. Courage to think on entirely new lines, daring to question established theories, innovative combinations of insights from different fields – these are some of the characteristics of creativity.

Be inspired by the many expressions, shapes, materials, colours, sounds and foremost the joy of creation. Take part of the behind-the-scences material where the students talk about the creative process from idea to result. What inspired them and which challenges did they face? Does the end result reflect the original idea and which choices were made during the process?

To create music to something as big and exciting as a Nobel Prize has been a real challenge for the jazz students at KMH. What music can you improvise or compose for Nobel Prizes in chemistry, or the Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel? I can hardly wait until the doors open at the Nobel Museum.

Ola Bengtsson, Department Head of Department of Jazz, Royal College of Music.

For Beckmans College of Design this is a unique opportunity to be able to reflect on the process of innovation in a larger perspective and on a higher level. It is fantastic to be able to work with ideas – something that combines all the disciplines that meet in the exhibition.

Göran Sundberg, Senior Lecturer at Beckmans College of Design.


In 2011 the Nobel Museum initiated a cooperation with Beckmans College of Design. Students of fashion were given the task of exploring what unites Nobel Laureates and designers: creativity. The result was six creations that were shown in the exhibition Fashion Innovation. The cooperation continued with Fashion Innovation 2 och Fashion Innovation 3, which also included interpretations in music created by students from the Royal College of Music.

With the exhibition Nobel Creations in 2014, the Nobel Museum expanded the cooperation with Beckmans College of Design and the Royal College of Music, which resulted a larger exhibition with more forms of expression and a greater scientific depth.

Participating Students


Physics: Amanda Borgfors Meszaros, Julia Correia de Verdier
Chemistry: Anastasia Jansäter, Antonia Larsson Pihl
Medicine: Joonas Karhumaa, Sissel Kärneskog
Literature: Marie Isacson, Matilda Ivarsson
Peace: Dat Dahn, Kim Linghoff
Economics: Felicia Halén Fredell, Robert Jonsson


Physics: William Benckert Claesson
Chemistry: Björn Eriksson and Jonny Ek
Medicine: Sara Sissay
Literature: Oskar Lindvall
Peace: Hanna Bylund
Economics: Liselotte Östblom


Physics: Anne Harvala, Charlotte Lorensson, Maria Chifflet
Chemistry: Liga Bulmiste, Elin Lindström
Medicine: Jonatan Nilsson, Matilda Beckman
Literature: Ella Westlund, Isabell Tapper
Peace: Hanna Wik, Robert Wettebrant
Economics: Emma Stridh, Jim Claesson Zsuppan


Haukur-Hannes Reynisson, Mattias Viklund, Mika Pohjola

Visual Communication

Frida Borgstedt, Laurens Van Tour, Lisa Borg, Marcus Nystrand

Medverkande lärare

Beckmans College of Design

Göran Sundberg
Annika Berner
Jan Loftén
Morgan Rudberg

Royal College of Music

Ola Bengtsson
Hans Lindetorp
Peter Schyborg