A world without ignorance and racism starts in school. This year’s teacher summit was about improving the way we promote democracy, non-violence and sustainable development in our daily work as teachers. How can education based on science prepare our students to be tolerant and engaged citizens?


During the summit, the teachers not only had the opportunity to listen to three Nobel Prize laureates tell their stories, but also take part in debates and discussions with speakers and collegues from all over the world.

Photo: Alexander Mahmoud

Participant’s voices

I’m going to use that in my classroom, I can’t wait to do that. I think it will make the kids I teach more conscious about how they’re learning and how it can change the world. Esther Wamugunda, 30, Kenya

Esther Wamugunda. Photo: Alexander Mahmoud

We want to improve our education. All the teachers here have great ideas, I want to learn from them. It is a great exchange. Miaolung Shih, UK, 52

Miaolung Shih. Photo: Alexander Mahmoud

Im very excited. You learn so many things, cultures and how they do things. This is one of the best things that happened in my life. Brian Mwangangi, 33, Kenya


Brian Mwangangi. Photo: Alexander Mahmoud

Photo: Alexander Mahmoud

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