A house for science, humanism and cooperation

The Nobel Prize is based on the conviction that new ideas and public engagement can change the world for the better –a concept that is just as relevant and important today as it was when Alfred Nobel wrote his will in 1895.

The aim of the Nobel Prize organisation’s public exhibitions, meetings, digital channels and all its other outreach activities both in Sweden and globally is to help create exciting encounters between people – people who dare to challenge the status quo, who want to ask new questions, think new thoughts and contribute to a better world.

In the spirit of Alfred Nobel, the home of the Nobel Prize should be a meeting place that highlights the great issues of our time and shows how we can respond to them through science, humanism and cooperation.

Now that the Nobel Center is finding a home in the heart of Stockholm, an important piece of the puzzle in the development of Slussen is falling into place. At one of the city’s largest and most important transport hubs, a house for culture and science with public activities fits very nicely into our vision of transforming Slussen from a traffic interchange into a meeting place for everyone in Stockholm,” says Joakim Larsson, Vice Mayor of City Planning (Moderate Party). 

The Nobel Foundation and the City of Stockholm have conducted a thorough review of various sites, independently of each other. They chose Slussen, which has many advantages because of its waterside location and easy access to public transport, bicycle paths, pedestrian routes and waterways. Stadsgårdskajen is the northern waterfront of Södermalm island, east of Slussen – with sweeping views of Stockholm harbour and the central city. For the past few years, Slussen has been undergoing a major renovation and reconfiguration.

The Nobel Foundation has initiated the process of seeking funding for the project and appointing an architect. A new building will need to be designed, adapted to the prevailing conditions on the site and in the surrounding environment along Stadsgårdskajen.

The construction of the Nobel Center is being made possible by an agreement between the real estate company Atrium Ljungberg and the City of Stockholm. The Nobel Center will be located in front of Atrium Ljungberg’s existing Glashuset property, where the company was previously granted the site allocation Södermalm 7:87 (Hamnmästaren) for the construction of an office building. In 2023, construction of a deck covering the existing Stadsgårdsleden waterfront road will begin, which means that construction work on the Nobel Center can commence in 2025/2026. The estimated construction period is two years.


Nobel Prize Museum

Today our home in Sweden is Nobel Prize Museum, located on Stortorget, the main square in Stockholm’s Old Town. In order to bring together our public outreach activities and become a natural destination for people from all over the world – tourists, Stockholm residents, researchers and school pupils – we are creating a new home for the Nobel Prize in the heart of Stockholm, the city where Alfred Nobel was born, in a unique setting with more space, greater accessibility and more opportunities for exciting encounters.