Popular Education Day will consist of lectures, discussions and dialogues on global developments featuring Nobel Laureates, world-leading teachers, researchers and popular educators. Factfulness is the starting point for the first Popular Education Day, with a focus on enlightenment, truth and facts in our era.

Hans Rosling − a Swedish physician, professor of international health and statistician − was one of the world’s most highly respected popular educators, who demonstrated how knowledge and facts can lead to improvement. He dedicated his life to creating a better world in many different ways: among other things, through his research on global health at Karolinska Institutet and his work in Liberia during the ebola epidemic.

He also explained to anyone who would listen, in an entertaining and pedagogical way, about how the world actually looks and what we probably can expect in the future.
After Dr Rosling’s death in 2017, many people wanted to help carry on his legacy. Rosling’s own wish was that his memory would help strengthen popular education about global development. If possible, he wanted this to happen in collaboration with the Nobel Foundation. He believed in knowledge and on the value of inspiring and engaging people to take action, something that characterises the public activities that the Nobel Foundation has built up over the past 20 years in the spirit of the Nobel Prize. Hans Rosling was also a warm supporter of the Nobel Center. He often emphasised what the Nobel Center can mean to Stockholm and Sweden, but perhaps above all to the world. This is the background to our new joint effort to organise a popular education day in his memory.

Popular Education Day will take place yearly at different locations around Stockholm until the Nobel Center building is completed.


About Gapminder

In 2005 Hans Rosling, together with Anna Rosling Rönnlund and Ola Rosling, founded the Gapminder Foundation “to fight devastating ignorance about the world with a fact-based worldview that everyone can understand”.

About the Nobel Center

The Nobel Center in Stockholm will gather a broad range of public activities including exhibitions, school programmes, meetings and lectures about the Nobel Prize’s unique combination of subject areas – natural sciences, literature and peace. Based on the Prize-awarded contributions and inspiring stories of the Laureates, the Nobel Center will be able to examine history as well as our own era and the major issues that are crucial to our world and our future.

For more information

Rebecka Oxelström, kommunikationschef Nobel Center, rebecka.oxelstrom@nobelcenter.se, +46 734 12 66 75