From quantum dots to the development of new vaccines. From snapshots of electrons’ extremely rapid movements to plays and prose giving voice to the unsayable. This year’s Nobel Prizes provide new perspectives on existence and has inspired students at Beckmans College of Design to interpret the prizes through fashion creations. 

In the exhibition Nobel Creations 2023, the students have portrayed mRNA vaccines, attoseconds, nanoparticles of semiconductor materials, Jon Fosse’s authorship, research on women’s conditions in the labor market, and the struggle against the oppression of women in Iran. The result is six unique fashion creations. 

The Nobel Prize is about ideas that change the world, such as discoveries and inventions in science, unexpected perspectives in literature, and work for peace and human rights. A common feature for the laureates’ work and the students’ creations is the aim to find new ways to look at the world. They also share the courage to question established methods and theories. Based on new knowledge, they present new insights about the world – scientifically or artistically. 

The fashion program at Beckmans College of Design has created free interpretations of the Nobel Prizes, annually since 2011. 

Design students from Beckmans College of Design:

The Nobel Prize in Physics, interpreted by Arvid Engman and Justin Ekström  

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry, interpreted by Unni Burman, Nicke Salomonsson and Amanda Heed  

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, interpreted by Klara Stålenbring and Otto Bäccman 

The Nobel Prize in Literature, interpreted by Hanna Rothstein and Natalie Gurley  

The Nobel Peace Prize, interpreted by Julia Broscheit and Mar Porrero Coll  

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, interpreted by Natalie Lindén and Felicia Sellman 

Other participants:

Teacher at Beckmans: Göran Sundberg, Senior lecturer

Photo: John Scarisbrick & Julia Anjou @Doubble_Space  Stockholm

Concept: @Doubble_Space  Stockholm

Location: @Doubble_Space Stockholm

Hair: Sofia Geideby @LittleFactory Stockholm

Make up: Maurine Tugavune @Mikaslooks

Talent Models Nikita & Natascha @fye.mgmt Stockholm