During the mini lectures you get to hear something you may not have known about Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize or a Nobel Laureate.

The topics vary day by day, feel free to ask our staff what the topic of the day will be!

During the fall we offer a programme based on the main topics of the exhibition For the Greatest Benefit to Humankind.

The mini lectures are 15–20 minutes.

Programme during the fall

18-20 Oct: Protecting the planet

25-27 okt: Connecting the world

1-3 nov: Saving lives

8-10 nov: Feeding humanity


15-17 nov: Protecting the planet

22-24 nov: Connecting the world

29 nov-1 dec: Saving lives

6-8 dec: Feeding humanity


13-15 dec: Protecting the planet

20-22 dec: Connecting the world

27-29 dec: Saving lives