Few phenomena are surrounded by as many myths as creativity. There are numerous stories about how ideas are born: flashes of brilliance, lonely geniuses, serendipity, child prodigies and so on. Where do these stories come from – and is there any truth to them?

Come and listen to a panel of curious researchers and experts who will explore the myths of creativity: Actor Andreas T Olsson, psychology researcher Armita Golkar, microbiologist Sanna Koskiniemi and Nobel Prize expert Gustav Källstrand.

Organised in collaboration with Kulturhuset Stadsteatern (also located on Sergels torg) and its programming unit Forum/Debatt.

Reserve your seat using the above link. The panel discussion will be held in Swedish.

Later the same evening, at 19.30, you can also attend an English-language conversation at the same venue with Frank Wilczek, 2004 Nobel Laureate in Physics. Click here for more details.


About the panellists

Patrik Hadenius is a journalist and author of the recent book Paus – konsten att göra något annat (Pause – The Art of Doing Something Else)For many years he was editor in chief of the leading popular science magazine Forskning & Framsteg (Research & Progress) and today he is CEO of Utgivarna, an association of Swedish media companies.

Andreas T Olsson is an actor, director and satirist/writer. Anders is part of the permanent ensemble at Dramaten and is currently participating in “Sufflören” and “Performance Lecture: About Happiness”. He has produced various cabarets and made some ten program series for the Swedish Radio (SR).

Armita Golkar is researcher in psychology at Karolinska Institutet. Apart from her research and teaching, she holds public lectures (one of them is Performance Lecture: About Fear) and has participated on BBC, and in the TV-programmes Fråga Lund (Ask Lund) and the documentary series Social monsters at SVT.

Sanna Koskiniemi is a microbiologist who does research on antibiotic resistance. She is also Vice Chair of the Young Academy of Sweden, an organisation that promotes creativity by bringing together researchers from different disciplines.

Gustav Källstrand is a historian of ideas at Nobel Prize Museum. He has done research on the history of the Nobel Prize and is a frequent lecturer on this subject. Since 2016 he has been one of the Swedish Television (SVT) commentators at the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm.