When was the last time you explained a Nobel Prize to your friends? In this evening programme, we will celebrate the 2022 prizes in physics, chemistry and medicine. We will challenge representatives of the respective Nobel committees to explain – in a way we can all understand – why these discoveries are important enough to deserve the world’s finest prize. Language: Swedish.

Afterwards there will a Nobel quiz, featuring Mark Levengood.  

Your ticket will also include small refreshments and beverages – a recipe for a full evening, which you are welcome to celebrate with us.


17:30 Foyer doors open – a chance for the audience to mingle over small refreshments and beverages 

18:00 Crash Course on this year’s scientific Nobel Prizes

On stage to show, explain, and then explain again so that we really understand will be members of the Nobel committees in physics, chemistry and medicine: Ulf Danielsson, Pernilla Wittung Stafshede and Anna Wedell.  Carin Klaesson and Gustav Källstrand from the Nobel Prize Museum will moderate, ask questions and then ask again so that we understand.  

19:00 Break, with beverage service

Knowledge, truth and a quiz – featuring Mark Levengood

Mark will present his thoughts on knowledge and truth. Is curiosity always a good thing? Are truths eternal? Isn’t it a bit irritating that we can never stop learning?

After these thoughts – and who knows – perhaps some answers, Mark will lead the evening’s quiz, which of course will focus on the Nobel Prize

20:30 Bar service and music in the foyer for those wishing to celebrate a little while longer

Welcome to the 2022 edition of Nobel Calling’s Crash Course! 

To purchase tickets, see below. There will be no refunds once tickets are purchased.
Members: 145 SEK (use code from member letter)
Standard ticket: 290 SEK
Students/seniors: 145 SEK

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  • Mark Levengood. Photo: Thron Ullberg.

  • Mark Levengood. Photo: Thron Ullberg.