Alfred Nobel: Networks of Innovation is a travelling exhibition produced by the Nobel Museum, which took it’s première in Dubai in 2008.

The exhibition presents the innovator and entrepreneur Alfred Nobel, who lived in Paris for 20 years and built up his industrial empire from there. It is a state-of-the-art exhibition that has been created in cooperation with artists and filmmakers and using the latest technology, developed in collaboration with Samsung Electronics. The visitor will learn more about his life, his network of co-workers, business contacts and friends and, finally, how he gets the idea to donate money for an international prize. Through video artworks and new-recorded short films the visitor gets to know Alfred Nobel in a new way and also to meet some Nobel Laureates and members of the Nobel Committees on a number of small monitors.

The exhibition is built in five pavilions with different headlines, each one of the pavilions deals with a part of the story about Alfred Nobel. It is:

  • The cities S:t Petersburg and Paris – where Nobel lived most of his life
  • Innovations – that characterized his lifetime achievement
  • Networks – which made his large business empire possible
  • The last will – the foundation for the Nobel Prize

Alfred Nobel – Networks of Innovation is innovative just as Alfred Nobel himself. In total there is no less then 160 monitors installed in the exhibition.